It’s been awhile since I updated my blog. Most of the time, I wanted to write but then I change my mind not to upload it. I need to write this review because I need to let other people who are in the same situation with me won’t jump ahead to buy this ASUS Republic of Gamers GL502VT. I’m not satisfied with this laptop and some of the gamers out there might disagree with me. Please bear in mind gamers out there, this is my personal opinion, don’t rush to bash my broken English or whatsoever. If you don’t like don’t read my post.

I’m using MBP for my works and leisure. But my MBP needs to be repaired and at the same time, I need to finish my project. After done some research on laptop brands that can support creative professional works. I decided to buy ASUS or HP laptop instead of MBP. It’s been years since I’m using Windows. I decided to buy Windows 10 laptop. I went to computer shops in my hometown and they said the brand that I’m looking for currently out of stock and need to wait for sometimes because of they need to order from their suppliers. Can you imagine, how desperate I’m because I have a due date to finish the project but my MBP always hang whenever I render or just edit some photos.

At last, I asked my cousin to help me to buy a new powerful laptop in Low Yat Plaza, KL. The ASUS pro that I wanted also need to wait for a while in order to get it. So the rest you know what happen! I bought this laptop out of desperation. The price for this laptop is almost RM7,000.00 and I’m not satisfied with the sound that came from this laptop. For me, it’s too slow without any help from external speakers. I also don’t like to see the monitor screen a bit too dark even after increase it to the highest level. Some might say that the quality is not the same as MBP with retina display. But with that price, I think ASUS should make their product as good as MBP with retina display. Also, the battery also seems to drain so quick like every 3 hours I need to recharge (no games). I guess I should buy another MBP instead of this ASUS ROG.