Deadpool 2 (2018)

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It has been quite awhile since I updated my blog. I have seen The Avengers: Infinity War for the second time and still quite disappointed with the ending. After watching the film the second time, I was lucky enough to find the Proxima Midnight figure at Toys “R” Us. Like Hela figure, it was hard to find and luckily only one left on the shelf. Overall, I love the action figure, but the figure has it flaws as it is hard to make it stand.

The latest movie I have seen is Deadpool 2. I was looking forward to seeing the movie. Overall the film is entertaining, but it had the sad moments in it compare to the first movie.

After watching Deadpool 2, I’m looking forward to seeing Ocean’s 8. I think the only reason I will watch the movie in cinema because of Sandra Bullock. She is a talented actress, and most of her films are entertaining to watch.




Last night, I watched Deadpool with my brother. Overall, we enjoyed watching the film. The character suits perfectly with Ryan Reynolds because he is a good comedian and also good-looking. Luckily the film can enter Malaysia cinemas because of the swearing things.

I did not expect that Deadpool also loves Careless Whisper song by WHAM! I love the song and it will always be my evergreen song.


Feel free to click the YouTube link to enjoy the song: —> Careless Whisper by WHAM!


The Golden Girls

A few days ago, I finished watching tThe Golden Girlshe Golden Girls. It was a sad ending for me because finally Dorothy’s moving out from the house after seven years being together. I was born in the 80’s so I have no idea about the Golden Girls until I watched it on HITS the new Astro channel. Ever since that I was hooked with the Golden Girls. It becomes one of my favourite drama series.

From my observation of older dramas series seems to end the series not the way that I used to watch nowadays. For example Who’s the Boss series, Tony and Angela did not end up together. Until now, I think that Tony and Angela should be together.

I watched Hot in Cleveland because I love Wendy Malick from Just Shoot Me. After watching the Golden Girls, I noticed the similarity between the two series (of course Betty White) but the most obvious is they created the characters and the storylines. No wonder I love Hot in Cleveland because they used the same ingredients as the Golden Girls.