29 February

I have a friend that born on 29 February 1988. It is rare birth date and it only happens every four years. It is called leap years or tahun lompat in Bahasa Malaysia.

Anthy Himemiya.png


I don’t know if any of the readers familiar with this anime character called Anthy Himemiya from Revolutionary Girl Utena. According to the comic books that I read Anthy’s was born on 29 February. I love her character because she is a unique Rose Bride.

Personally, I think people who are born on 29 February has a unique personality. Maybe because of their unique birth date and I’m talking from my personal experience.

Happy Birthday for those who are born on 29 February. Enjoy your unique birth date.




Last night, I watched Deadpool with my brother. Overall, we enjoyed watching the film. The character suits perfectly with Ryan Reynolds because he is a good comedian and also good-looking. Luckily the film can enter Malaysia cinemas because of the swearing things.

I did not expect that Deadpool also loves Careless Whisper song by WHAM! I love the song and it will always be my evergreen song.


Feel free to click the YouTube link to enjoy the song: —> Careless Whisper by WHAM!


Happy Valentine Day



Today fills with love in the air. Happy Valentine Day to all readers.

Usually, on Valentine Day, I will buy a box of chocolate even though I’m not celebrating with someone special. I always share those Valentines chocolate with my best friend. Sometimes I bought a Valentine card and send to my best friend. I’m still waiting for a special person “flung out of space” to be my real Valentine date.