The Golden Girls

A few days ago, I finished watching tThe Golden Girlshe Golden Girls. It was a sad ending for me because finally Dorothy’s moving out from the house after seven years being together. I was born in the 80’s so I have no idea about the Golden Girls until I watched it on HITS the new Astro channel. Ever since that I was hooked with the Golden Girls. It becomes one of my favourite drama series.

From my observation of older dramas series seems to end the series not the way that I used to watch nowadays. For example Who’s the Boss series, Tony and Angela did not end up together. Until now, I think that Tony and Angela should be together.

I watched Hot in Cleveland because I love Wendy Malick from Just Shoot Me. After watching the Golden Girls, I noticed the similarity between the two series (of course Betty White) but the most obvious is they created the characters and the storylines. No wonder I love Hot in Cleveland because they used the same ingredients as the Golden Girls.

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