Somewhere in Time by Richard Matheson


I remember watching the movie when I was a kid and I don’t recall the movie title but I do remember the part which a man travel back in time with a coin.

I considered myself lucky because I did find lots of things to add to my precious collection while I was in Australia. Looking forward to go back there and travel to other countries that appreciate collecting items.

Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King

I just finished reading Full Dark, No Stars¬†book. I would say that I totally agree with Stephen King’s regarding the stories being harsh and may have found them hard to read in places.

Personally I think some part of the stories a bit harsh and gruesome even though I always into genres such as horror, mystery and mystical.

The hardest part to read was “1922” because I think there were solutions in every problem occur especially for married couples. The second hardest was “Big Driver” because of the rape part. I can’t stand to read a woman suffering especially being a rape victim.

Overall I enjoyed reading the book but I do not think I will read it again. ;p