Found a New Passion

First of all, I’m not good in writing because I’m so freaking lazy to read when growing up. English is not my first language, but Malay is my mother tongue. The truth is I’m also not good in Bahasa Malaysia because of my laziness to read. My parents relentlessly pushed me to read, but I do like to read comics because of the graphics that attract my attention.

Back in 2011, in order to further my study in Australia I need to pass IELTS. I read kinda lots of book to improve my English especially writing. In Australia, I found this discounted bookstore called Basement Books in Sydney. I remembered buying my first novel, White Witch, Black Curse by Kim Harrison in Basement Books.

Nowadays I need to read a lot because I’m working in Education Industry. Previously I worked in the Creative Industry. Thanks to my exposure to comic books that contributed to my creativity. However, I learned how to appreciate and love books especially thick novels after spending time studying in Australia.


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