Ready for New Year 2015

I just came back from Tesco and as usual I always go to Popular Bookstore. Guess what I already bought a planner for 2015 and grab one novel called Dance with Death by Barbara Nadel. I hope the book is good like the art cover. Currently I’m reading Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King.

This coming December is The Big Bad Wolf 2014 Book Sale. Oh God, I sure wish I can go and buy lots of discount books. But I’m living far away from the big city of Kuala Lumpur and sometimes I even work on Saturday (like today).

P/S: I sure hope that The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale can come to the northern part of Malaysia. I’m sure people from the northern part would appreciate you coming to our home town.

Warm Bodies

A couple of years ago, I had seen the movie version of Warm Bodies and a bit disappointed because I expect the movie has a lot of funny scenes. I think my favourite scene is when Julie acting as a zombie at the airport.

I bought the novel version in Popular Bookstore for RM15.00 only. Yeah… finally I finished reading Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion. Overall the book not too bad but I still can’t consider it one of my favourite book.

My Shopping Places

In Malaysia, my favourite bookstore would be Popular because I can get an instant discount if I buy any books, magazines or stationary. Books price in Malaysia are quite expensive that’s why I love Popular bookstore.

Popular still lack of books compares to Kinokuniya. It’s been awhile since I go to Kinokuniya in KLCC. Back then, once in a blue moon I went to Kinokuniya to buy comics, magazines and photography books. The price quite expensive, but I love to spend my time browsing those books.

Nowadays I’m living quite far from a big city so I just order from online stores like Amazon, eBay and Book Depository. I miss living in a city like Sydney because everything seems to be complete.

Favourite Authors

Since my new passion started in Sydney, I kinda found my favourite Australian authors such as Kim Wilkins and M.J Hearle. My favourite genre would be mystery, fantasy and science fiction. That is the reason why I like authors like Stephen King, Kim Wilkins, Helen Dunmore, M.J Hearle, Kim Harrison, Mary Higgins Clark and others. I began to like Kim Wilkins works after reading The Autumn Castle. I like the way she writes and describe her characters. Currently I’m waiting for my Giants of the Frost to arrive which was ordered from Amazon. Also waiting another six books from Book Depository.

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

It has been awhile since I buy a new book because I brought back quite a lot of novels from the Basement Books in Sydney.

I bought Doctor Sleep book about a month ago. I was hooked reading this book and determine to finish it asap because I wanted to know what happened to Rose the Hat character. I just finished reading this book like 3 days ago. I’m quite sad to learn that Rose the Hat character died.

Thanks to Doctor Sleep, now I’m officially a fan of Stephen King. Actually this book is my second purchased of Stephen King works after Carrie. I’m familiar with Stephen King’s movie adaptation such as IT, Carrie and many more.

Now I wondering if Hollywood going to make a movie of Doctor Sleep, who is going to be Rose the Hat. The beautiful and tall Irish Lady.

Found a New Passion

First of all, I’m not good in writing because I’m so freaking lazy to read when growing up. English is not my first language, but Malay is my mother tongue. The truth is I’m also not good in Bahasa Malaysia because of my laziness to read. My parents relentlessly pushed me to read, but I do like to read comics because of the graphics that attract my attention.

Back in 2011, in order to further my study in Australia I need to pass IELTS. I read kinda lots of book to improve my English especially writing. In Australia, I found this discounted bookstore called Basement Books in Sydney. I remembered buying my first novel, White Witch, Black Curse by Kim Harrison in Basement Books.

Nowadays I need to read a lot because I’m working in Education Industry. Previously I worked in the Creative Industry. Thanks to my exposure to comic books that contributed to my creativity. However, I learned how to appreciate and love books especially thick novels after spending time studying in Australia.